In 1995 the company SunDisk changed its name to SanDisk. Hence it might happen that some of the PCMCIA-cards listed in this FAQ are available under both names.

PCMCIA CardsBearbeiten

It looks like the PN-9000GR hasn't got a PCMCIA-slot, so this section is only for the NB60/NB80c.

It looks like all PCMCIA cards for the NB60/NB80c have to be of Type I or II, 5V and 8 bit in ATA fat12/16 format. The NB60/NB80c does not support ffs (Microsoft Flash File Service) or TrueFFS.

It also looks like formatting SRAM/Flash cards under newer Windows-versions will cause problems (includes information about PCMCIA-/CF-cards that work with the GeoBook!)

The following cards work with the NB60/NB80c:Bearbeiten

SRAM Cards:Bearbeiten

  • Boeder
    • Boeder 512KB SRAM, order number: 35 825

Flash Cards:Bearbeiten

  • SunDisk/SanDisk
    • All SanDisk SDP-5 and SDP-5A 5 volt flash cards.
    • SanDisk SDP-5B 4MB / 10MB 5V Flash card
  • Brother
    • Brother FC4-(4MB) and FC10-(10MB) (relabelled SanDisk SDP-5B 4MB / 10MB 5V Flash cards)
  • Sharp
    • Sharp CE-AF05 (10MB ATA Flash)

The following cards DO NOT work with the NB60/NB80c:Bearbeiten